10 Kitchen Equipment, Must Have!

Kitchen equipment – ​​the presence of a kitchen in a dwelling is certainly an important part. Kitchen utensils that are lacking or incomplete will affect the dishes that produce from favorite kitchen . Then what are the utensils that must be in the kitchen?

Check it out , 10 must-have kitchen utensils!

Induction Cooker

The use of induction cookers is increasingly in demand today because it has superior features that are practical to use. This induction stove comes with two cooking zones ( double induction) and various cooking features ranging from hot pot, fry, stir fry, boil, steam, and other features. The elegant stove design makes the kitchen look more stylish.


Seasoning Place

Complete the need for seasonings such as pepper, salt or chili on your dining table with this spice holder. Consists of 3 spice holders with 2 types of slotted heads and 1 type of spoon. This spice holder is made of food grade quality material that is safe for consumption.


Dish rack

This dish rack is designed to be placed on the wall so it does not take up space. In addition to a place for plates, this rack is also equipped with versatile storage for spices, mugs, and more. Made of high quality stainless steel so it is corrosion resistant.



Juicers help you produce healthy juices for daily consumption more practically. This juicer has a slow squeezing technique so it can retain the natural taste and nutrients of the fruit or vegetable. You can also juice the fruit with the pulp by using the pressure control lever.


Rice Cooker

Now, cooking rice is more practical with the Digital Rice Cooker . In addition to cooking rice, this tool can also warm and steam food. Easy to use, just select the desired mode by pressing the button on the rice cooker . This Digital Rice Cooker is also equipped with a non-stick cooking container with a capacity of 1.8 liters.



More practical in the kitchen with the microwave. Cooks quickly, while providing even cooking. There are 12 automatic cooking menus for more efficient cooking times. You can use the Quick 30 function to set a fast cooking time of 30 seconds. If there is not enough time, there are other features.


Electric Teapot

Boiling water will be easier with the use of an electric kettle. Your needs will be met with a teapot capacity that reaches 1.7 liters. Equipped with a lever to turn on the teapot on the bottom side of the handle and a volume indicator indicator on the body of the teapot. The simple and elegant teapot design is perfect for your home.


Cooking spoon

Make your movement easier in the kitchen by presenting the spoon set above. Consists of 6 types of equipment that are often used when making dishes. Equipped with a hanger so that it is easier for you to take it and put it back. This set is made of nylon material which is durable and anti-bacterial.



It’s a good idea to use different knives to cut different types of food for optimal results. Consists of 5 types of knives for daily use as needed. There is a vegetable knife, steak knife, butcher knife, utility knife and bread knife in one storage block.



Cleanliness is a top priority in the kitchen because a clean environment means a healthy lifestyle. To have a healthy lifestyle, start by cleaning the surface of your kitchen using a cloth made of cotton which is able to absorb residual water and stains effectively.