rolos and relaxin

I’ve mentioned before that I kind of love like when Todd’s gone because I love having the house, and the night, to myself. He was gone on Friday night and I spent the whole evening relaxing, catching up on all of my favorite Real Housewives and of course, baking. Remember when I mentioned that I … Read more

Lemon Almond Cookies

It is Friday people and man do I feel like I earned it this week! I am so excited to have this weekend to refresh, spend time with family and get some things done that I’ve been meaning to do. One of those things is to blog! I feel so behind on blogging and reading … Read more

Sunday Roast with Potatoes and Carrots

Our dining room table is the spot in our house that can usually be classified as a ‘disaster’. People are supposed to eat dinner at a dining room table, hence, the word ‘dining’. People are supposed to lounge around and chat over wine and dessert at a dining room table. Our dining room table is … Read more

3 Best Cake Levelers 2021

A Cake Leveler is an instrument used to level a cake. It is used to cut the cake into different layers and then fill those layers with the filling required. A levelled cake looks nice and presentable. It also makes filling the layers easier. Traditionally bakers have used serrated knives, but nowadays levelers are trendy … Read more

Irish Strawberry Smoothie

I haven’t done Smoothie Sunday in a couple of weeks. I am home alone tonight. It’s a holiday weekend. Those three facts led to the birth of this: Irish Strawberry Smoothie measurements are approximate…just make to your taste! 1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt 1/3 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream 1/4 cup low-fat or skim milk 1/2 … Read more

Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon-Vanilla Glaze

Okay, so I know it’s not Halloween. It’s not Thanksgiving. It’s not even anywhere close to being autumn. I just wanted pumpkin. I thought about it earlier this week and then I saw a can of pumpkin in my pantry and decided that even though the leaves aren’t changing and we aren’t having turkey dinner, … Read more