Being Thankful for What You Have

Happy Sunday folks! So, I had this post scheduled for posting on Thursday. Obviously something went haywire with the scheduling and I find my post never actually posted. So….I apologize for the delay, but I want to share this post even though it’s late. Better Late Than Never 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your holiday … Read more

Tropical Arnold Palmer

Happy Final Round of the Masters Everyone! I absolutely love golf. I don’t play it a lot, but I love watching it. Golf conjures up some amazing memories of time that I spent with my Pap growing up. I think about my grandpap showing me how to golf in the backyard and going out after … Read more

S’more Shake Smoothie

Warning: This smoothie is not healthy. It does not contain any vegetables, fruit, Greek yogurt, protein powder, etc. Warning: This smoothie may be highly addictive. Warning: This smoothie was classified as a “kid-friendly” drink. It might will make you forget about how old you are. (This is a good warning.) Warning: This smoothie is not … Read more

Healthy Living Survey

Good morning, friends! Here we are at Friday again. Glorious, glorious Friday. Oh, how I love thee. Oh, I love Fridays when I only have to work half a day, too! I will be heading into work around noon to spend a few hours getting caught up on some work and answering any calls that … Read more

Mexican Bean Salad

So, sometimes, I’m impatient and sometimes I’m crazy. Sometimes, I find something I like and need it, like, every single second of my life. Sometimes, I’m a little bit dramatic, too. I guess it all comes with the territory. You see, yesterday I went to work without a lunch. I absolutely hate when I do … Read more

Hot Artichoke and Crab Dip

This dip was born out of my lack of memory. I like to think that I have it together and that my mind is pretty sharp. However, sometimes, that just does not seem to be the case. The story goes like this… …last week, we decided to have a potluck at work. We used to … Read more

Baked Almond French Toast Recipe

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I spent a weekend at the Humphries House B&B in Edgewood, TX. What a neat old house! The owner served us wonderful breakfasts both days we were there, but I especially liked this recipe. 6 eggs, beaten 1 cup orange juice 2/3 cup milk 1/2 cup sugar … Read more

Bean and Rice Burritos

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!! 😀 I am going to be totally cliche and give you a recipe for something Mexican today. It’s only right, right!?!?! I know I have told you that I have eaten tacos twice this week. I’m really sorry I keep talking about it. It’s so not a big deal…however, I realized … Read more

Berry Frost Smoothie

Good afternoon all!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! I have been having a pretty low-key weekend. Just some time with my mom and some time with my pup at home. Sometimes, you just need weekends like that. Today is Smoothie Sunday and I’m so excited to share this one with you guys! … Read more

Three Things Thursday

Good morning! Happy happy Thursday to you all! There are just some random things running through my mind today…per usual. I’m pretty sure randomness is what keeps my mind going. There are times when Lee and I will be having a conversation and it will stop for a couple of minutes and then I will … Read more