5 Major Fast-Food Chains Falling Out Of Favor With Consumers

While some restaurant chains managed to weather the pandemic quite effectively, finding new ways to grow and reach their client base, for others, the year of unmatched crisis intensified a failure that was years in the making.

The following brands have slowly been falling out of favor with clients for several years, a pattern which is now more apparent thanks to mass store closures and plunging sales numbers. The only staying concern is: will they evolve or completely come down with the fast-food market’s ever-changing demands.

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Hamburger King

As far as major national hamburger chains go, the King is on a down rather than an upward trajectory in popularity. The chain was a veteran second-largest entity in the fast-food world, lagging only behind McDonald’s, but things have officially altered this year. Wendy’s has actually dethroned Hamburger King from its # 2 spot, taking its place as the second-largest fast-food chain in America in terms of sales, according to Forbes.

Not to mention, Hamburger King was voted as the most resented fast-food dining establishment in America in 2015, in a research study that evaluated negative geotagged Tweets from across the nation. The information exposed that the once-popular chain had actually taken the most consumer flack on Twitter of any fast-food chain in as lots of as 15 states, consisting of Maine, North Carolina, Louisiana, California, North Dakota, Iowa, and even Hawaii.

With all the negative press Subway has been receiving lately, it may look like the chain’s downfall began as just recently as this year. But its mass store closures and current sales numbers expose that it has been losing favor with customers for a while. According to Dining Establishment Business, Subway lost its dominance in the fast-food sandwich market, which once put it on par with giants like McDonald’s. In 2013, it reigned supreme among sandwich brand names by holding 43% of the marketplace, while the latest data reveal that number has considering that gone down to 28%.

Furthermore, clients appear to be postponed by the current drama surrounding its components. While Train tried to offer itself a makeover with its newest menu-upgrading Consume Fresh Refresh campaign, expert sources say the company wasn’t even able to distribute a million of its sandwiches totally free, due to low interest.


Quiznos is another sandwich principle that clients have actually been leaving in droves, taking their organization elsewhere. Once a juggernaut in quick food with its introduction of the first toasted subs, Quiznos has lost an incredible 94% of restaurants in 15 years. It presently operates 255 U.S. locations (and over 300 international ones)-a far cry from the 5,000 dining establishments it had in its heyday in 2007.

Specialists point out several reasons as to why the chain has had such an impressive fall from grace. For one, it expanded rapidly, frequently at the cost of its franchisees. And the toasted subs it was so famous for? Everybody’s doing them now, making the competitors intense and the attrition of customers overwhelming.

Boston Market

Boston Market has actually been around for what feels like permanently. However the chain has fallen a long way from its glory days in the late ’90s, when it was one of the most popular locations to get fresh rotisserie chicken. Reckless growth and increasing competition in the rotisserie chicken arena (even from merchants like Costco) all resulted in the chain’s bankruptcy filing in 1998. And while it altered ownership and attempted to right the course considering that then, its most recent sales figures show the chain continues to lose its footing in the fast-food world.

Steak ‘n Shake

The popular hamburger and milkshake chain has been disappearing from towns all throughout America as the pandemic required the company to go on a location-closing spree last year. And now, the current reports about the chain are equally as grim: Steak ‘n Shake has employed monetary consultants and might be heading for insolvency.