6 Simple Recipes for Beginners in the Kitchen

Talking about simple recipes for beginners, of course, there is a lot that can be explored. For those who are new to cooking in the kitchen, the presence of these home-cooked recipes will certainly help them in their daily lives. Even for those who are experienced though, these dishes always have a special place in the heart.

Not only for everyday use, you can also serve easy and home recipes at special moments. For example, for Mother’s Day. Make the atmosphere at home more lively with the presence of these simple recipes. It must have been a commotion at home because they knew you were already good at cooking!

Homemade food recipes for everyday

1. Corn Cakes, a simple recipe for beginners

It’s hard to deny the presence of corn cakes that appear bright, warm, and crunchy in all situations. Imagine hunger while waiting for the main dish to cook while the corn cakes are ready to eat. Surely anyone will soon enjoy it without waiting any further. This super snack goes well with all kinds of Indonesian dishes, you should master how to make it!

2. Sauteed Tempeh Soy Sauce, must be present in all situations

Tempe which is stir-fried with soy sauce is the foundation of all home-cooked menus which is always delicious whenever you meet it. Paired with white rice, uduk rice, or yellow rice and all the other side dishes, stir-fried tempe can’t be missed. This is the essence of the simplicity of Indonesian cuisine and all its flavors that will always be missed forever.

3. Crispy Tofu, delicious as a snack

Tempe is not complete if there is no known name. But not just any tofu recipe in general, this time Cook What Today has prepared a way to fry tofu to make it more crispy or crispy. The equivalent? What else if it’s not legit, the delicious sweet soy sauce Bango . Add cayenne pepper if you want, yes . Get ready to be addicted to this simple and inexpensive home cooking recipe!

4. Capcay Vegetables, simple dishes for beginners

Beginners in the kitchen certainly want a recipe that is practical and nutritious. Practical sometimes does not mean the recipe has a high nutritional completeness, and vice versa. To maintain nutrition, sometimes there are many steps that need to be passed but it could be that the beginner is not confident in doing it. That is why the knowledge of making this complete and easy vegetable capcay is necessary to learn.

5. Soy Sauce Grilled Chicken, a recipe that must be mastered

Here’s the recipe for breaking the fast that you’ve been waiting for. In addition to its rich, sweet taste, and has a pleasant grilled taste, soy sauce grilled chicken is apparently not that difficult to make, really. First of all, the chicken just needs to be marinated with lime juice and salt. Meanwhile, you can prepare stir-fried ground spices and cook with the chicken until fragrant. Season further and the chicken is ready to grill. Brush with spices and in no time, this simple recipe for beginners is ready!

6. Clear Chicken Soup, a simple vegetable recipe for beginners

It feels lacking if there is no soup menu, right? This is where this easy and healthy clear chicken soup comes into action. Equipped with chopped fresh vegetables and served in a refreshing clear broth, it’s hard to resist. Especially during the rainy season or in the healing period, right? Here’s a simple chicken recipe that will become your new favorite!


With these six simple recipes for beginners, from cakes to soups, you are ready to master the kitchen and all its challenges. From here, you can start experimenting with a huge collection of What’s Today’s Cooking recipes! At least, you already have some simple everyday recipes for beginners at home! Don’t forget to follow , like, and if you have any questions or want to request a recipe, you can directly ask in the comments column of the Cook What’s Today Instagram account .