Are Tortilla Chips Gluten Free?

In general context, tortilla chips are a kind of snack made from different components such as corn. These are cut into triangle shapes, known as wedges and then baked or fried as per the requirement. They are usually eaten with ketchup or mayonnaise. In a lot of cities, tortillas are also termed as Nachos. It comes under the priority list of lots of parents when they plan to buy snacks for their kids because they are usually made of healthy grains. But many times, a question could arise in your mind that are tortilla chips gluten free or not? Well, here in this article we would be dealing majorly with the kind of tortillas.

Tortilla chips and gluten

Well after a lot of studies it has been found that some of the tortilla chips contain gluten. However, all of them do not. The proportion of gluten in any tortilla depends upon the material from which the tortilla chips are made. The way these chips are handled at the t6ime of processing even matters a lot, because many times the gluten free tortillas and the ones which include gluten are produced at the same place. But due improper management or confusion, there are times when both the types of tortillas get mixed up. This cross- contamination in the production places can unknowingly introduce gluten into your body making you ill if you are allergic to gluten.

So what are the possible measures which you can take to keep yourself away from such contaminated tortillas? Well, the best option we have for you is that you must learn to cook tortilla for yourself at your home itself. And this can be done easily by purchasing the best tortilla press; they come in various shapes and sizes and are quite portable as well. By using these press machines, you can cook healthy and gluten free tortillas for your family.

What are the various kinds of best tortilla press available in the market?

  • Iron tortilla press – iron, itself is one of the heaviest material. And buying a cast iron tortilla can make your work easier. The main advantage of this tortilla press is that they make your job of pressing the tortillas a little easier. Due to its leverage, you don’t have o use excessive strength on your tortillas.
  • Aluminum tortilla press – just opposite to the iron press, the aluminum one allows you to carry it easily, due to its light weight you can take your press anywhere you want and can cook tortillas for your loved ones whenever you want.
  • Wooden tortilla press – this tortilla press is one of the oldest and is mostly used by the people. Wood is a natural element is preferred by most of the people all over the world. However, the bolts and hinges of this press are made up of steel and thus, are prone to rust.
  • Electronic tortilla press – unlike all other tortilla presses, this one not only gives the shape to your dough but also gives you the facility of instant baking. In this press, you just have to plug in the press, put the dough inside and apply a little pressure. Your dough will be ultimately converted into a baked tortilla.

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