3 Best Banneton Baskets 2021

best banneton basket
The Banneton basket are prepared from materials like lined wicker, cane, or seagrass and considered the best for maintaining a slightly humid environment. Thus, it becomes the basket for preparing delicious artisan bread. The professionals use only Bannetons because this basket makes a delicious crust on the artisan bread, which people like so much.

List of 3 Best Banneton Baskets

1. DOYOLLA Banneton Rattan Basket

If you want to buy a banneton basket particularly to bake the artisan bread, buy the DOYOLLA Banneton Rattan Basket. It is also prepared from rattan cane. You can take a rough use from this basket because it is durable. It houses dough of 8.5” diameter and bakes crunchy and delicious artisan bread. You will not miss those poor quality wooden baskets, once you will use this banneton basket.


2. Forsun 8.5” Round Banneton Basket

It is also a rattan cane made banneton basket, which you can use in your kitchen and in the bread shop. It is large enough to bake a large artisan bread. Of course, the bread would be delicious because this basket will supply enough moisture to improve the crunchiness and traditional shape of the bread.


3. Round Proofing Basket Banneton Brotform 8.5 Inch

This basket is a great alternative, if you don’t want wooden shavings around your bread. It is a rattan cane made basket that you can place in the fridge, sunlight, and at the room temperature without worrying about any kind of damage. It is a perfect choice for baking over 8MM in diameter’s bread at once.

Preparing a perfect Banneton is not an easy task. You need the best material and you will have to follow the best technique to prepare the basket. Buying a readymade banneton basket is certainly a better idea.


As mentioned earlier in this post, the manufacturers use a wide range of materials to prepare the banneton basket. They use seagrass, lined wicker, and cane to produce it. The rattan cane made banneton baskets are considered the best for preparing delicious artisan bread.

Type of use:

Can you place the basket in the fridge or not? Can you dry the basket in the sunlight or not? If you cannot take these types’ uses with the basket, then look for the rattan cane made banneton baskets. These baskets are durable, and large enough to house 1.5-2 pound dough.


Of course, the banneton basket would not cost an expensive price, but still it should be durable. You should choose a basket that can remain firm and durable for several months. This is how you will be able to bake delicious bread every time you need it.


All the three reviewed banneton baskets can meet your baking demands. These baskets offer different features, which you must consider before placing the order online.