3 Best Electric Pepper Mill Grinders 2021

Many people opt for shakers filled with pre-ground pepper. However, a pepper mill gives you fresh ground pepper every time you need some. There are electric as well as hand operated pepper mills available in the market. They are very quick and easy to use and help to bring out the greater flavor in the food.

List of 3 Best Electric Pepper Mill Grinders

1. iBunny Premium Stainless Steel Electric Pepper Grinder or Salt Grinder Mill

This pepper mill features a ceramic mechanism and is much more durable than the ones that use stainless steel blades. The outer body is made out of stainless steel and does not rust or dull like other metals. It requires a one hand operation and also allows you to adjust the grind from coarse to fine. There is an LED light at the bottom of the grinder to indicate when it is in power. The pepper can be extremely useful for grinding some fresh pepper for soups, steaks, salads and so on. Unlike the manually operated grinders, they also do not put too much stress on the wrists.
Product Highlights

  • The light at the bottom of the pepper mill allows you to see the amount of food you are adding into your food especially when you are using it in low light settings such as inside a microwave oven
  • The motor is powered by 4AA batteries and strong enough to grind all types of pepper
  • It is very easy to reassemble and use
  • The grinder is made out of premium durable ceramic mechanism and lasts longer than metal blades
  • It can be operated with a single push of the button
  • Comes with a 30 days money back and a one year warranty


2. Eukein Electric Pepper Grinder or Salt Grinder Mill

This pepper mill is made of ceramic and therefore non-corrosive, rust proof and non-reactive towards the contents. It gives a longer lasting than steel blades and also does not alter the flavor of the spices. It can be used for grinding both salt and pepper.
Product Highlights

  • It is cordless and powered through batteries
  • It has a transparent container so you can easily keep a track of when it needs to get refilled
  • There is a protective cap at the bottom of the chamber that keeps the contents from leaking and also protects it from humidity
  • The coarseness of the spices can be adjusted
  • It is designed for single hand operation
  • There is an LED light the bottom that allows you to see exactly how much spices you are adding into the food
  • The pepper mill has a steel that is both durable as well as appealing to the eye


3. Gravity Electric Pepper grinder or Salt Grinder Mill

This pepper mill comes in a very unique and modern design. It has a matte black body and an acrylic window for an easy monitoring of the contents. It can look very elegant in kitchens as well as dinner tables. The pepper mill has a large capacity and sealed containers so that the contents do not get spoiled from humidity. It is also very easy to refill and clean.
Product Highlights

  • The pepper mill allows for adjustable coarseness of the grind
  • Very easy operation. You are simply required to tilt over the pepper mill and it will start grinding automatically
  • The pepper mill is antioxidative and gives a fresh supply of ground spices at all times
  • Does not create a mess on the table
  • It can be used with all types of salts and peppercorns
  • It is powered by 6AAA batteries


Electric pepper mills can be much more convenient than shakers and manually operated ones. They ensure a fresh supply of spices at all times. These pepper mills are a perfect addition to kitchen, dining and restaurant table. They are very easy to operate and greatly enhance the dining experience.