3 Best Fondant Smoother Reviews 2018 – Buying Guide

best fondant smoother
Well, fondant is nothing but a combination made with water and sugar. It is then made soft so that it can be used to cover the cake. You can make it of your own or you can buy it from the market. But the actually thing is to give the cake a proper look with the fondant. This is why, getting a smoother fondant is always necessary and you will need to use tools which can be helpful in making the fondant smoother. Well, there are plenty of fondant smoother available in the online market, but choosing the best out of them is really tough. Here is a list of 3 best fondant smoother which can be really of help if you are trying to bake a cake at home.

Top 3 Fondant Smoothers

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
Wilton 1907-1356 Fondant Smoother Backer4.6
Ateco 1302 Fondant Smoother with Handle and Square Ends, Food-safe Plastic4.5
HOSL Cake Tools 14 sets (46pcs) Flower Fondant Cake Sugarcraft Decorating Kit Cookie Mould Icing Plunger Cutter Tool4.6

Review of the 3 Best Fondant Smoother

1. Wilton 1907-1356 Fondant Smoother Backer

Product Highlights:

  • Really a must have tool to smooth and shape the fondant you want to use on your cake.
  • You can shape your fondant from the side, top and even the edges, so, you won’t get any bubble at all.
  • The edges at the base can be rounded softly with the tool so that the fondant does not have any marks.
  • The grip is really big and you can comfortably work with it.
  • Even if there are bubbles in the cake you can smoothen it with the back end.


  • Gives you smoother fondant in no time at all and with great quality.
  • The handle is a bit larger bit can be really comfortable to grip and work on the fondant.
  • The ends are round, giving you more control over your work
  • Very easy to use and smoothens the fondant properly from every angle.


2. Ateco 1302 Fondant Smoother with Handle and Square Ends, Food-safe Plastic

Product Highlights:

  • If you love to bake cakes, this is a must have tool
  • It can smooth the marks and dents on your fondant
  • It can give your cake a lovely finish
  • The handle is convenient to use
  • The product is made of stainless steel, so no issues with the corrosion or something.
  • It can give your cake a glossy look as well


  • The handle is big enough to use easily
  • Can be good if you want to give your fondant a smoother look
  • No marks or dents will be found on your cake.


3. HOSL Cake Tools 14 sets (46pcs) Flower Fondant Cake Sugarcraft Decorating Kit Cookie Mould Icing Plunger Cutter Tool

Product Highlights:

  • The smoother tool is brand new and you get the best quality tool that you need.
  • With this set of tools you can make designs and flowers with your fondant. The best part of this tool is that you can use the non-edible and edible material to make the designs.
  • You get a whole kit to design the cake.
  • It includes 14 sets of design pieces and in total there are 46 pieces of designs that you can try out.
  • The designs included are all fresh and looks lovely.


  • You get a huge variation of designs and at a price very much affordable
  • The roller included is really handy
  • The tools quality might not be really of the highest quality but the benefit is that you can detach the heads and use it with different handles.
  • The imprint part works fine


So, these are the 3 best of the fondant smoothers available in the market and you can choose any of them if you need. Whichever you choose, it is going to work fine for you, just make sure you understand your need and then only choose the proper tool that you need.
last updated: 16th June 2018