3 Best Food Warmer Reviews 2018 – Buying Guide

best food warmer reviews
A food warmer is an essential equipment for the professional kitchens and home kitchens. This equipment helps you in maintaining the freshness of the foods for a long time. It helps you in reducing the food waste and improving the deliciousness of the cuisines you cook in your kitchen. It is a must have equipment and you must check a few important things before buying it.


Hence, you are going to use the best food warmer daily in the kitchen, it should be made of high-quality and corrosion resistant material. Most of the manufacturers use stainless steel to produce high-quality food warmers. You can also find food warmers prepared from other materials, but stainless steel ensures you are buying a high-end model.


Do not buy the food warmer without considering its capacity. Many food warmers offer space for the single plates. This kind of food warmers is good for home kitchens. You should check for a large size food warmer that can hold two plates or more, if you are going to use it in the restaurant.

With handle or without handle?

You may not like to touch hot and heavy food warmer without any protection. Therefore, you should search for the food warmer with handle. You will be able to use it without damaging your hands.

The temperature control knob:

The modern food warmers allow you to set a perfect temperature for warming food. You can set the temperature and then place the food plates for warming.


Top 3 Food Warmers

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
Winco FW-S500 1200-watt Electric Food Warmer4.4
Nemco - 6055A - Full Size Countertop Food Warmer4.4
Adcraft FW-1200W Portable Steam Table Food Warmer4.5

Review of the 3 Best Food Warmer

1. Winco FW-S500 1200-watt Electric Food Warmer

The Winco Electric Food Warmer is a full size, high-end equipment. It is built to be used in professional kitchens because it can endure the harshest environment. It is an energy efficient solution for maintaining freshness and natural taste of the cuisines. It heats faster than many other food warmers and maintains the required temperature for a long time. Its size measures 20”x12” and 6” in depth. It is a stainless-steel made product and therefore it is quite durable.


2. Nemco – 6055A – Full Size Countertop Food Warmer

The Nemco Full Size Countertop food warmer is also a full size food warmer. It is a metal made product that weighs only 20 pounds. Nemco has built it especially for the restaurants, where chefs need to hold cooked food for a long time. It offers adjustable thermostat. You can maintain a perfect temperature to improve the deliciousness of the food. It has an LED light indicator that indicates the functionality of the food warmer.


3. Adcraft FW-1200W Portable Steam Table Food Warmer

If you want an affordable and durable full size food warmer, buy the Adcraft Portable Steam Table food warmer. It is an energy efficient equipment that helps you in saving more bucks. Yes, it is equipped with thermostat adjustment knob and an LED indicator light along with durable stainless steel made construction.


The three reviewed food warmers are the best products, which you can buy at very affordable price. You can pick the best out of these three food warmers by following the buying guide.
last updated: 18th July 2018