3 Best Kombucha Starter Kits

List of 3 Best Kombucha Starter Kits

1. Kombucha Brewing Kit with Organic Kombucha Scoby

This brewing kit includes Organic Leaf Tea for making the kombucha, Brew Jar (made of Glass), Organic Sugar, Temperature Gauge, and all the other ingredients that you might need.
Product Highlights

  • Have been really helpful for a lot of people.
  • Comes with 100% organic elements, hence the quality is guaranteed.
  • With the pH strips, you can test the quality of the brew every time, and it won’t fail a single time.
  • The kit is assembled with the knowledge from the experts who have dealt with kombucha before and had enough ideas on how to brew it at home.


2. GetKombucha Kombucha Kit PLUS Organic Starter Tea For Brewing Healthy, Delicious, DIY Kombucha

With this starter kit, you can not only start brewing kombucha at your home at a really low cost but also you can experiment with the amount of ingredients you add. If you do so, it might be best to test the quality of the brew first before you consume any of them. If you are following the standard procedure, quality is assured with this product.
Product Highlights

  • With this starter kit, you can save a lot of money and time for sure.
  • Useful for those, who are brewing kombucha for the first time at home.
  • Can be used for the experimental purposes for those who have prior experience of making the brew.
  • The ingredients used in this brew are 100% high quality, so what you drink is really healthy.
  • Customer satisfaction is really guaranteed with this product, otherwise, the manufacturers are ready to pay you back.


3. Kombucha Starter Kit. Premium Including many free add-ons

It is also an amazing product in case you wish to take up brewing as a hobby. It contains all the required ingredients and materials required to make quality filled Kombucha. It also eliminates the need of going to a store and unnecessarily pays more money for buying Kombucha. The drink is highly beneficial for liver function. It has competent ingredients that make your liver free from toxins. Other than the liver benefits, it has great advantages for heart patients. Kombucha can enhance HDL, and LDL cholesterol levels, which is good for heart patients. Diabetes patients can also take benefits for the drink.

The kit has a total capacity of one gallon and comes with ph paper so that you can maintain proper Ph in addition to a funnel for pouring your raw material so it doesn’t spill and cause a nuisance. Can brewing products be made more considerate!

A cotton cloth also comes with the product, which happens to be breathable as well as non-porous in nature. The bacteria need some special environmental conditions to digest and ferment organic material. The company boasts that its glass has been designed and manufactured in the US and can last over a lot of brews under its thickness and quality. It is a real treat for kombucha fans since it’s a fun experience to make it as well as they save a lot of money to buy it.

To assist the brewing process, a liquid kombucha tea set of eight bags containing microbes is also provided in the kit. The ingredients supplied are all-natural and of high quality. The product happens to have precise instructions regarding how you use it to extract the maximum amount of benefits. So, even if someone is a newbie concerning kombucha, you can easily learn to make it by just simply following the given instructions. Even an adhesive thermometric strip so you can maintain a proper temperature. Like, how cool is that! Therefore,it’s a package deal for any of the Kombucha enthusiasts.

Product Highlights

  • Highly beneficial ingredients which enhance HDL and LDL cholesterol level, and helps you get rid of toxins from your liver
  • pH paper to maintain pH levels and funnel to pour out your drink without spilling
  • Liquid Kombucha tea set (8 bags) comprising of microbes included in the kit


So, are you ready to buy your first kombucha kit? If yes, then do not waste any more time and choose either of these 3 and you should be able to start. But to make the brewing a little more interesting and authentic, you might want to buy The Big Book of Kombucha: Brewing, Flavoring, and Enjoying the Health Benefits of Fermented Tea which can be of real help in flavoring the brew of kombucha and definitely you will enjoy the whole procedure.