3 Best Paper Towel Holders

Paper towels are selected with great care, but how about applying the same to paper towel holders as well? A good holder can keep the paper towels from tearing unevenly while also protecting them against spills and spots. Look for holders that come with a center pole and offer a good stability. You may opt for one or two arms, but make sure that they offer a good resistance against stains. It can be even more convenient if these holders are able to accommodate different sized rolls. Therefore, while looking for paper towel holder, there are certain features that you should be mindful of.

List of 3 Best Paper Towel Holders

1. Simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder can be installed inside or underneath the cabinets or on a wall. The design allows them to be mounted in any direction that best fits the available space.
Product Highlights

  • You can have them installed vertically as well as horizontally
  • It is equipped with a tension spring pressing against the rolls and keep them from unraveling
  • The pressure applied by the spring is just enough to dispense a single sheet at a time
  • It has a quick release knob which makes it very easy to change the rolls
  • The center rod is made of stainless steel, while the brackets are made of die-cast metal
  • The paper towel holder is very easy to install
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years


2. Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder offers a very easy one hand operation. It can be fitted vertically or horizontally, just as it seems fit. It comes together with mounting hardware. Hence, installation should not be a chore.
Product Highlights

  • It has a ratchet system to keep the rolls from unraveling
  • Releases one paper at a time
  • New rolls can be slid in without removing the finial
  • It works perfectly well with small sized to jumbo rolls


3. OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder offers a very easy one hand tear every time you need some paper towels. It has a steel arm and a spring weight, which keeps the rolls functional from the beginning to the very last pieces. It can be used with all sizes of paper rolls and keep them from getting unraveled. They also have a very elegant design which makes them perfect for kitchen counters.
Product Highlights

  • It allows you to tear only a single piece at a time
  • It has a heavy non-slip base for better stability during the course of use
  • It keeps the towel edge easily accessible at all times
  • Offers a smooth and struggle free ripping
  • Made from brushed stainless steel
  • Easy to load

They have just the right dimension and offer great utility, anywhere around the house. Given their durability and functionality, they are a great addition for every household.