3 Best Poultry Shears Reviews 2018 – Buying Guide

Finding the poultry shears can help you save a lot of time and money. The shear can easily cut through pork ribs, chicken bones, etc. However, if you observe that, the use of kitchen shears goes back some centuries where it is used as an important tool in any proficient kitchen. But, currently, you can see them in every kitchen as these shears are designed to use by professional and non-professionals easily. Some of these poultry shears are made for certain uses, here you can find 3 best poultry shears reviews that can help you find the best poultry shears for your use.

Top 3 Poultry Shears

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
OXO Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears4.8
Chef Remi Latest Kitchen Shears4.7
OMOCOOK Multipurpose Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears4.7

Review of the 3 Best Poultry Shears

1. OXO Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears

OXO Good Grips Poultry Shears is a perfect choice as it gives you the best and professional experience as it offers high-quality cutting and comfy and soft grips. The poultry shears contain stainless steel sharp blades that are perfect for cutting and trimming poultry. Also, it comes with a micro-serrated blade that holds the poultry skin firmly and stops slipping. It also features a blade gash that holds bones firmly, while cutting. The bolsters and the handle loop stops your hand from sliding forward while cutting the meat, also, the spring handle helps you avoid hand strain. You can remove the blades easily for cleaning and the handle-lock locks close the blades so you can store it safely.

Product Highlights

  • Poultry Shears with stainless-steel, sharp blades
  • Contains a spring handle to prevent hand strain
  • Easy to clean
  • Bolster and Handle loop stop hand from sliding forward
  • Hand wash with soap and warm water


2. Chef Remi Latest Kitchen Shears

Latest Heavy Duty Kitchen shears one of the best shears and also it is an award-winning utility scissors for Poultry, Chicken, Meat, Fish, Herbs, BBQ’s, and Vegetables. This heavy duty kitchen shear is sharp as a knife.

The poultry shears can easily trim off skin or fat and allow you to cut small size pieces. It is much safer and easier than a knife while cutting a slippery chicken.

Meat Scissors: It allows you trim fat and slice raw meat easily and you don’t a knife and cutting board to cut cooked meat.

All-purpose Kitchen scissors: This scissors allow you to cut herbs, also, you can easily cut plastic or cardboard packaging, trim pasty sheets or shape the dough, trim noodles or pasta, trim stems, cut pizza slice, and peel shrimp.

Product Highlights

  • The safest and sharpest best kitchen shears
  • Perfect option for everyone
  • The best food prep tool
  • Multifunction
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Easy grip handles
  • High-quality Corrosion resistant


3. OMOCOOK Multipurpose Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

This OMOCOOK Heavy Duty Multipurpose Kitchen Shears is a premium-quality utility scissors that come with ultra sharp blades that allow you to cut Fish, Chicken, Herbs, Poultry, BBQ, Vegetables, Seafood, Fruit, and Bones easily. This multifunction kitchen scissor is a heavy duty kitchen shear that allows you to cut precise cuts and offers outstanding performance. It also allows you to cut cardboard, hard plastic, pruning the rose bushes, and trimming the branches of trees.

The ergonomically designed kitchen shears offer the firm grip and it is more comfortable and durable. OMOCOOK Kitchen Shears exclusive design offers smooth radian and a firm grip

Product Highlights

  • Multi-purpose
  • Bone chopper, which cut the bones easily
  • Scale scraper – micro serrated
  • Bottle opener
  • Nut cracker
  • Capable cutting power
  • One year warranty

All these three products are the best poultry shears that offer excellent and easy-to-use options and they offer multifunction and allow you to cut the poultry and other meats easily and quickly.