3 Best Splatter Guards 2021

best splatter guards
There are many accessories which are really necessary when it comes to the cooking. One of them has been the splatter screen. Splatter screen is a device that can actually help you keep the oil in the pot or the pan. It saves the wall of your kitchen and other things around the oven. Whenever you are cooking, if you have a splatter around, the hot oil will stay inside the pot only. Normally splatter guards are made in the shape that will suit the need of the cooking pan or the pot.

List of 3 Best Splatter Guards

1. Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan 13″ – Stops 99% of Hot Oil Splash

Are you in need of the splatter guard so as to avoid hot oil from spitting out? If yes, then we recommend you to buy only grease splatter screen. This is because when you buy this product then you will be amazed by its features!
Product Highlights

  • Multi-use – This splatter screen is a kitchen tool which can also be used as the steamer, strainer as well as a cooling rack. This splatter screen is 13 inches and it can fit easily onto your pot, pans, and skillet. You will be easily able to store this tool in the narrow space.
  • Cleaning – Not only you can use this splatter screen easily but also it is easy to clean it. This splatter guard does not get rusted and it is dishwasher safe thus, it will serve you for long.
  • Keep you safe – This splatter guard is made from the 304 grade of stainless steel thus, the tool has high quality and provided with the extra fine mesh which will prevent 99% of a splash.
  • Easy to hold – Handle of splatter guard made with plastic and it is also heat resistant thus, your handle is safe from burns and other kinds of injury while cooking.


2. Calphalon 13″ Stainless Steel Splatter Guard

The size of this model of calphalon is 13 inch and it is designed so as to fit in pans of size 8”, 10” as well as 12”. Thus, if you are in need of this kitchen tool then you can buy it and get benefited with its amazing features.
Product Highlights

  • Protects you – While you are preparing the fried and sautéed food you can keep this splatter guard above the pan and protect yourself from the hot oil splashing out.
  • Easy to handle – The splatter guard has the handle made with silicone thus; it is heat resistant and remains cool while you cook. So, when you hold it you don’t feel uncomfortable or burn your hand.
  • Cook perfectly – This 1.15 pounds splatter guard will allow your food to cook with perfection and without any steaming or splatter. This item will help enhance your cooking experience and make cooking fun and easy.


3. Norpro Nonstick 3 Sided Splatter Guard

Do you have to deal with the splatter that will make your cooking a mess? Well, then this splatter guard might be the best thing that you need. This 10×9 inches splatter guard will make your cooking experience safe and fun.
Product Highlights

  • 3-panel splatter – There are 3 panels provided in it so as to protect the walls, counter as well as the cooking area. You are able to shield the stove efficiently and the surrounding environment thus, eliminating mess created by splattering food.
  • Easy to clean – Not only does it protect food from splattering but also it is easy to clean. This material is made up of the non-stick material which can be cleaned without much effort.
  • Easy storage – To store it you need to fold the panel and it will fit in any space.


If you are in need of this splatter guard then you must read carefully and make choice as per your needs. Make sure you choose the one which suits your budget and fits your pan easily. Make cooking fun and easy with this tool!