3 Best Tortilla Presses 2021

best tortilla press
Getting tortillas from your regular store may be convenient but it is definitely not very healthy. This is the very reason why tortilla presses are getting more and more popular by the day. It allows you complete control over what you put into the tortillas and do away with the store bought ones that are usually full of fillers and preservatives. With all the innovative new presses, making tortillas at home can be completely convenient. You may not perfect it in the beginning but once you get the flow, it will be a cake walk.

List of 3 Best Tortilla Presses

1. Victoria 8 inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera

This tortilla press comes with a perfectly flat plate for the perfectly flat tortillas. The reliable technology used in its making guarantees that you get the results as expected. the press is also made completely out of cast iron and has a reinforced handle design which makes it convenient to use.
Product Highlights

  • Uses heavy duty cast iron
  • Presses evenly
  • Features improved base and handle for easy pressing
  • It can also be used to press patacones, empanadas, tostones, arepas, dumplings, mini pie shells and patacon pisao to name a few.
  • Includes an extra screw for the lever
  • Features detailed instructions for use and care
  • Seasoned with Colombian palm oil
  • Very Low maintenance


2. Hardwood Tortilla Press

A wooden tortilla press can be superior to the metal ones in many respects. While the metal presses may sometimes end up giving tortillas that look like wedges, a wooden one will surely give you smooth flat ones without a doubt. They also look very beautiful over the kitchen counters. These are very easy to work with and also very fast.
Product Highlights

  • The wood is treated with food grade mineral oils and bees wax and hence are completely safe to use.
  • Being made out of wood, the colour and the patterns may vary slightly from one piece to the other.
  • Is best used with plastic so that the tortillas can be removed easily
  • Gives tortillas of consistent thinness
  • Can press tortillas of any size


3. HIC Tortilla Press

This press can be used for pressing tortillas and artisan flatbreads of up to 6.25 inches. It gives even thickness with each press and comes with a very study built. It can be used both with store bought and homemade dough to equal perfection. To use, all you have to do is place a dough ball in the centre and press it the handle till it is flat enough.
Product Highlights

  • Made out of heavy weight aluminium
  • The sturdy handle provides effortless leverage
  • Low maintenance and very durable
  • Safe and fun to be used with kids
  • Needs hand washing with soap water


Tortilla presses will make your meals so much healthier and enjoyable. Investing in one will also serve you for a considerably long period of time. Considering all such factors, there is every reason to get one for your kitchen. You may go for one of the above three, which have been considered the best so far.