Butcher Block Oil vs Mineral Oil

Using the wooden cutting board or butcher block is a traditional method to prepare food. When you use the butcher block frequently, and when you clean and wash it frequently the wood will dry out and worn out quickly. That is why it is important to apply butcher block oil to the wooden cutting board as it absorbs the oil into the wood and it protects the wood by keeping it conditioned even if you use it frequently.

  • The butcher block oil will seal and cleans wood cutting boards.
  • The oil protects the butcher board from drying, staining, and cracking.
  • The best butcher oil is made from 100 percent pure and original white mineral oil.
  • The best butcher oil is approved by FDA that is considered as safe even if it gets in contact with food.

You can use butcher block oil on wooden bowls, cutting boards, serving trays, and spoons. The professional chefs use the mineral oil to refurbish their wooden cookware. The Butcher Block maintenance is easy when you use Butcher Block Oil every time you clean and wash the wooden cutting board. The maintenance includes:

  • Wiping with water and soap
  • Drying the wood cutting board completely
  • Using trivets and potholders
  • Using coasters
  • Cleaning the wood with natural methods

If you have wood countertops, then using the same cleaning methods can help you maintain it for a longer period. It is always advisable to clean the wood countertops or cookware, or anything related to the wood with natural oils than using the chemicals. Also, it is advisable to stay away from wood soaps and wood cleaners. Using these kinds of chemicals and wood cleaners can spoil the butcher block and other wooden stuff and make it susceptible to bacteria and damage.

Is Butcher Block Oil Safe for Food?

The best hardwood butcher blocks have made with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which means they are completely safe to cut meat on these butcher block. Butcher block oil conditioner protects the wood and prevents drying out so that the wood does not lose its antibacterial properties. Using the mineral oil on the butcher board is completely safe for contact with food.

Mineral Oil:

Mineral oil is completely safe and it is recommended by professionals. The mineral oil is a non-drying, non-toxic product extorted from petroleum that is odorless, colorless, and flavorless. The properties of the mineral oil prevent water assimilation, which makes the mineral oil the best choice for wooden cutting boards and kitchen items, including bowls, spoons, etc. The important thing is, to find the food-safe mineral oil as there are several types of mineral oils that are available on the market are not food-safe. Most of these mineral oils are found in hardware or auto store and often utilized as machinery lubricants.

If you are looking for the best mineral oil for your butcher board, then get white mineral oil as it is considered as food-safe and protects your butcher board from drying out.

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