Explanation of Types of Kitchen Ceramics & Tips for Choosing Them

Kitchen ceramics are very diverse starting from the type of material, motif to size. So because of the many variations, this is what causes most people to find it difficult when choosing one.

The reason is that choosing the wrong way will cause an unpleasant atmosphere. Especially for who like to be active in the kitchen.

Kitchen tile itself not only has an aesthetic side that makes it beautiful, but also has its own function, such as protecting the cooking area, and making cleaning easier.


Choosing Kitchen Ceramics That Can Increase Comfort

With a wide variety of options and styles available, it may be a little confusing to choose one. But don’t worry because we will provide a simple guide.


Choosing the Right Material Will Make Maintenance Easy

Yes, although there are many choices of ceramics that are suitable for the kitchen, not all of them are easy to clean. Keep in mind that there are materials that require special cleaning fluids to remove stains and dirt.

When it comes to examples of materials, then there are those made of natural stone which have extraordinary beauty. But of course the price offered and the treatment will be different from the type of stone in general.

So by knowing this, you can choose the right type according to their wishes and needs.


Ceramic Motifs That Give an Exclusive Impression

In addition, it is necessary to know that several elements in the kitchen have a different effect. For example, patterned motifs such as flowers or other variations can give a unique impression and an exclusive kitchen look. It can be said that having ceramic motifs creates its own beauty.

However, if you like, you can choose a color without a motif. Where it can be combined with a variety of favorite palettes, or neutral colors such as black and white.

In addition, if you like gradations, we recommend not to use more than 2-3 different colors. Because this method will reduce the impression of a minimalist kitchen. However, if you like a theme full of variety, then there’s nothing wrong with trying this style.


Choosing the Right One Also Talks About Size

In addition to choosing materials and motifs, another key to increasing the comfort of the kitchen is to measure everything correctly. In the sense that the size of the ceramic used must be balanced with the room. Because there are some large-sized ceramics and some are small.

Also make sure the amount needed so as not to buy too much. Especially if you choose a patterned size, you need the right arrangement and choose a motif that is not too big or small. Later this selection will affect the kitchen set , to the kitchen design that is owned.


Types of Kitchen Ceramic Materials

The following are some types of materials that can be found, for example there is natural stone, and man-made.


Natural stone

Talking about this one is very broad, because there are many types of natural stone that can be used. But generally that is often used is marble, slate, limestone, and travertine.


This type is easy to find, and the most commonly used. Comes in a variety of beautiful colors such as white, gray, black, and brownish red. Not only have a variety of colors, but also different patterns. There are those that have fine fibers, as well as dramatic ones.


Some may not be familiar with this one, but if you study more, this natural stone is beautiful and has the ability to add beauty. Comes in neutral and elegant colors such as beige, gray, and warmer colors. Its own beauty radiates from the natural cavities that exist on the surface of the coating.


Not only is it able to increase the beauty because of the resulting texture, but it is also able to become the focal point of the room because of its eye-catching color. Generally comes with a shiny dark color. So that it is the choice of many people, be it for the use of wall tiles or tiles though.


Able to give a very different look, not only beautiful but also exclusive. Tend to have dark colors such as gray, beige, and brown. Where the palette is not only neutral but also beautiful. Even able to change the overall appearance and has good durability.


Artificial Wall

As previously stated, there are many wall decor options to choose from. The choice will give different results.


Included in the ideal category to be used as wall coverings, because not only the price is relatively affordable, but also has strong durability. Not only that, this material is also easy to clean and maintain. But unfortunately not all ceramics have this advantage, so make sure to choose a quality one that can be used on kitchen walls.


Has a good density because it has been through the combustion process at high temperatures. It is because of this density that it is durable to use. This type can be used for both walls and floors, and is suitable for placing in high-traffic areas.


One of the artificial materials that have a different luster. Can also be the focal point of a room because of its beauty. They usually come in stunning colorful mosaic formats. Be the right choice for the kitchen area because it is easy to clean.


Has almost the same material as glass, but much more shiny. It has reflective properties so it can provide a very stunning brightness. Be the right choice if you want to make a beautiful and spacious kitchen. The reason is because it has reflective properties that can make a minimalist kitchen feel bigger.


In contrast to the glossy and prominent type. Matt tends to be simpler but has a good finish. Has a contrasting side that can highlight the kitchen surface. However, the user must have a little effort when cleaning after use.

With the information above, it is hoped that you can easily choose the right kitchen wall covering.