Get to Know the Various Types of Spatulas and Their Respective Functions

Stil or often referred to as a spatula, is an important part of the cooking process. This food mixing spoon with a long handle comes in a variety of shapes. Spatulas are also made of various types of materials ranging from wood, stainless steel, to silicone.

Have you been using this cooking utensil according to its function? Different shapes and ingredients, different functions when cooking. Broadly speaking, there are two functions of a spatula, namely for baking and for cooking.

1. Cooking Spatula

This spatula is certainly no stranger to mothers at home. There are many variations of the materials used, but the two materials that are most often chosen are wood and stainless steel.

a. Wooden Spatula

Wooden spatulas come in many different shapes and types of materials. The most popular type of wood made is mahogany. Most wooden spatulas are used for frying food, or stirring stir-fry on a frying pan. The shape is not sharp can prevent scratches on the surface of the pan.

Although easy to use, the care of wood stilts is quite challenging. There are several types of wood that are easy to mold when the weather is damp. For that, make sure to store the wooden spatula at the right room temperature and make sure it is always dry.

b. Stainless Spatulas

Not only for wood, for those made of stainless also have many types and shapes. There is a hole in the shape of the spoon, some are flat. Both are equally suitable for frying. However, a hollow frying pan is easier to use because it can help drain the food from the oil when removed.

However, make sure to choose a stainless spatula with a blunt tip so it doesn’t scratch or damage the surface of the pan. The length of the handle can be adjusted as needed. Choose a long handle for cooking in a large skillet to avoid scalding. However, if you are cooking in a small skillet, you can choose a spatula with a shorter handle.


2. Baking Spatula

The next function of the spatula is to make cakes or specifically for the world of baking. The three most popular types of spatulas used for baking are offset spatulas, icing spatulas, and flat spatulas. What’s the difference?

a. Icing Spatula

This type of spatula has a slender width and is rather long. One of the functions of this spatula is to spread the cream on top of the cake.

b. Offset Spatula

The offset spatula is no less popular than the icing spatula. The shape is similar and the function is almost the same. The difference is, an offset spatula can also be used to remove cakes or cookies from the pan.

c. Flatula (Flat Spatula)

This one spatula also has a function similar to an offset spatula. The difference can be seen from the shape. The flat spatula is wider so it can be used to move larger pieces of cake.


3. Multifunctional Spatulas

There is one spatula that can be used for cooking and baking, namely a spatula made of silicone and has a flat shape. Usually, this spatula is used to stir food ingredients ranging from cake dough to bakwan dough. Of course, silicone spatulas are also very popular in our kitchens.