How to Make Steamed Sponge: Here are 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Often fail when making steamed sponge? Do not worry, because this can be experienced by many people. Well , actually in the process of how to make steamed sponge, there are some important things that are often forgotten or not known by beginners.

What generally happens

What often happens is that the steamed sponge is tough, the dough doesn’t expand, so the sponge doesn’t bloom when steamed. As with the process of making other sweet dishes such as cake , bread, or other desserts , there are many things that determine the perfect final result. It’s not only a matter of a recipe consisting of an ingredient composition, but also a matter of the right quality and temperature of the ingredients, the technique of making the dough, the material for the mold, and the temperature of the cooking utensils that have an important role in influencing the final result.

Mistakes on how to make steamed sponge

To avoid failures such as sponge cake and not blooming, this series of lists might help you to be more confident in making steamed sponge.

  1. Do not weigh the ingredients according to the recipe dose . Make sure you weigh all the ingredients using an accurate and mandatory scale according to the recipe requirements. The composition of the ingredients that are not suitable tends to affect the taste, texture, and the final result of the steamed sponge. This also applies to other cake dishes, yes !
  2. Use cold eggs or freshly removed from the refrigerator . This will cause the process of mixing the eggs with sugar to be slower because the temperature is still cold. As a result, it can make the egg and sugar combination not expand.
  3. The developer material is deactivated . In steamed sponge, the developer used is usually a choice of cake emulsifier or soda water. Make sure to use an active developer so that it will work optimally on the sponge dough. For sparkling water, make sure you prepare sparkling water whose packaging is still intact or unopened.
  4. Do not follow each step according to the recipe instructions . Even though following every step can prevent mistakes in the process of mixing the dough.
  5. Add the steamed sponge while the pan is still not heated . Just like making cakes or other sponges, to increase the volume of the cake it takes a consistent heat temperature. The volume of the dough will already go down when the temperature of the pan is not hot yet. This is one of the factors that causes the sponge to not expand, even though you have followed the method of making steamed sponge according to the recipe instructions.
  6. Heat is not optimal . Need hot steam or must be steamed over high heat to increase the volume of the sponge dough or expand. Similar to making chiffon or sponge cake baked in the oven, the high and consistent heat temperature in the pan serves to make the sponge expand.
  7. Frequently open and close the steamer . That way the temperature becomes unstable and the volume of the sponge is already down when the sponge is not yet cooked.
  8. The lid of the cork is not wrapped with cloth . The hot steam from the pan will accumulate on the lid of the pan and may drip into the steamed sponge mixture. Wrap the lid of the pan with a clean cloth or kitchen napkin.

Yummy steamed sponge recipe must try

For those of you who have never tried to make your own steamed sponge, let ‘s practice how to make steamed sponge cake offered by Buavita Guava . This traditional steamed sponge recipe is a combination of how to make coconut milk steamed sponge with the sensation of Buavita Guava . Don’t forget to pay attention to the tips guide above, OK !