Letter: Shelton Programmer Calls McGee’s Letter ‘False, Offensive’

Below is a Letter to the Editor from today’s Shelton Herald. If you would certainly such as to have a letter to the editor run following week, email letters to [email protected]!.?.! To the Editor: In Sept. 16’s Op-Ed”McGee shoots down Anglace’s claims on Midtown Shelton Advancement,”Matt McGee made a number of claims, allegations and statements that were inaccurate, false and offensive. As it relates to Midtown advancement and redevelopment, Matt McGee needs do some research and educate himself before making the type of false claims he carried out in the Op-Ed. I started my redevelopment plans on Canal Road in the midtown in 2003. I am the initiator and creator of the Shelton River Front Master Plan of Advancement for Canal Road. What I initiated has been the catalyst for the redevelopment of Midtown. I began this program with The Birmingham On The River Condos, PDD # 51, dated May 2005, with the conversion of the existing six-story mill building on 5 Bridge St., which is now 145 Canal St. Having dedicated the last 18 years to midtown, I can assure Matt McGee that nobody has paid to play

. Matt’s political ambitions have to not be a license to make false claims. He made statements regarding the Star Pin Complicated. My strong Primrose Companies that are inaccurate. The Star Pin complicated was had by an entity had by John Watts, Sr. In 2006, Primrose Companies participated in a development agreement with Watts for the conversion of Star Pin into apartments. Because of website environmental problems, the redevelopment of Star Pin can not be carried out. In 2014, on Watts demand, Primrose transferred its rate of interest back to Watts. Contrary to McGee’s claim, Primrose had no possession rate of interest in Star Pin at the time that the City confiscated for back taxes. On Sept. 19, 2019, the City uploaded a national Demand For Proposals( RFP ). There were 2 responders. WINN Advancement of Boston, Mass., and Primrose Companies. I think WINN provided $1 for the residential or commercial property(not certain of all of the problems) and Primrose provided $550,000, with the problem that the City obtain funds from the state for the environmental mitigation of the site. Primrose that had been dealing with the advancement of the website for 16 years did not use $1 it supplied$550,000.