s’mores bars at sunset

I wanted to make a summery dessert to share at the lake this weekend so after Friday’s outdoor yoga session I headed home to make the most summery treat I could think of…s’mores bars.

That’s right, s’mores bars. I had s’mores a few weeks ago when we were at a friend’s cottage and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. S’mores are a dessert that I really like but never remember how much I like them until I’m eating them. Maybe it’s the association with summer, maybe it’s the fact that they’re most commonly made over an open flame, I’m not sure what it is but s’mores are so dang good.

I wanted my bars to be as authentic as possible so I split my graham crackers into quarters and topped them with halved marshmallows.

Then I toasted them. For a touch of something special I added a bit of my friend Mary-Catheryn’s world’s most delicious dulce de leche to the top of the marshmallows.

Then topped all of that with another graham cracker. The dulce really helped the top graham cracker stick to the marshmallows.


But what are the chocolate, you say? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about it. In fact, it was the part I was most excited about – like always. Instead of putting my chocolate inside the graham crackers, I put my graham crackers inside the chocolate.

As if that wasn’t enough we got to eat them and then watch a gorgeous sunset over the lake as we took a boat ride and watched the neighbors shoot off fireworks.

There is nothing like a long, lazy weekend in the middle of summer.

What are some of your favorite summer desserts?

Were your neighbors shooting off fireworks this weekend?