Three Things Thursday

Good morning!

Happy happy Thursday to you all! There are just some random things running through my mind today…per usual. I’m pretty sure randomness is what keeps my mind going. There are times when Lee and I will be having a conversation and it will stop for a couple of minutes and then I will ask a question or bring up a topic that is totally off-the-wall. He will look at me and say, “Where did that come from?” I will then proceed to tell him the path I took to get to my topic. For example:

Lee: “…blah, blah, blah…so, I’ll probably stop and get those new running shoes.”
(end of shoe conversation…1 minute of silence)
Me: “So, how do you guys decide what time you eat lunch when you are all on duty?”
Lee: “What? Why are you thinking about me and the guys eating lunch?”
Me: “Well, you are going to buy running shoes, I need to buy new running shoes too, I should also probably buy new Jazzercise shoes as well, I also need new workout clothes, I’ll probably go to TJMaxx to grab them because they have such good deals, there was a table that I wanted to buy for the bathroom at TJMaxx, I also wanted to hang those new shelves in the bathroom, I’ll have to call my dad to do that, I wonder what my parents are doing right now, I have to plan a lunch with my mom this week, I had an awesome salad for lunch today, I wonder what Lee had for lunch…which brings me to…How do you guys decide what time you eat lunch when you are all on duty.”

And I wonder why I feel crazy all of the time. I need to shut down this brain of mine! Anyway, onto my three things for this Thursday.

1. I was overwhelmed from the support that I received on the post that I published on Tuesday. I know I’m not alone when I say that the pressure we put on ourselves can lead to stress and the quest for perfection, which, honestly, does not exist. It’s nice to know we can all help each other through our tough times and remind each other of those life lessons that we tend to forget every now and then!

2. I am seriously considering signing up and joining a gym. I haven’t belonged to a gym for the past few years because of teaching Jazzercise and being able to do my own workouts at home. However, I’m beginning to get that itch to get out and run again. But…I absolutely loathe running in cold weather. I dislike it so much that I won’t do it. We have a treadmill in the gym in our garage, but we don’t have any heat in our garage…so that’s basically just like running outside in the cold. No go. Lee belongs to a gym where he and his fellow officers go to workout after their shifts and they have a great couples special going on right now. I’m thinking of taking them up on it. I can get my runs in on the treadmills and also throw in some weight training as well without freezing my buns off! (I should actually clarify…I will run races in the cold but I will not train in the cold…I can’t get myself to go out every day!)

3. To have some type of cohesion in this post, I will actually talk about shoes. I do actually need new running shoes and new shoes for Jazzercise. I usually just use running shoes to teach my classes but I’m thinking that I might want to get a different pair for each activity. So…to ask for your opinion…if you teach or take group fitness classes like aerobics, Zumba, step, or any of cardio class, do you use a specific shoe for them? I have never had a problem with wearing running shoes to teach, I’m just looking for some new alternatives and opinions!

Okay! There is “Three Things Thursday” is a nutshell.

Lots of randomness, lots of blabbering, and a glimpse into this crazy mind of mine!
Have a blissful day, friends!